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Human Resource across the world are aiming at moving towards rapid transformations that helps them move towards a scalable and robust future, all while highlighting their core competencies. To further help professional institutions emphasize on their organizational objectives, unified payroll platforms are being utilized globally to initiate structured governance into the organization’s administration. With Hexpertech’s customized Payroll solutions, organizations can manage the HR complexities with ease, making it one of the finest options available.


  • Entirely automated software
  • Accurate calculation of the salaries
  • Transparent absence and leave management
  • Timely expense reimbursements
  • Quick tax deductions
  • Easy access to employee calendars
  • Generate automated payslips
  • Improved accessibility and mobility


  • Numerous salary structures and heads
  • Compatible with all types of attendance machines
  • Salary and arrear computation
  • Multi level data security
  • Leave application management
  • Salary disbursement through multiple channels


  • Maintenance of records over a long period of time becomes exhausting
  • Syncing the pay slips, and balances with the employee records
  • Generating manual pay slips in accordance with the policies
  • Managing the payroll keeping in mind the deductions and leaves
  • Lack of real time results based analytics
  • Difficulty in tracking errors causing dissatisfaction among employees
  • Scheduling custom earnings and flexi reimbursements for specific employee groups

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