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HRMS Software :

Employees from the nucleus of any organization. In this dynamic business environment, organizations across the globe are being unable to lay enough attention on handling the Human Resources while they’re steering forward to meet their objectives. Filling this void are the various Human Resource Management Systems that are malleable to meet the growing requirements in the Human Resource domain.

To ensure the management of the company’s most valuable assets (employees) is taken care with utmost precision, it is critical for every organization to have the best technology with them to ensure every minute facet is handled diligently. The HRMS software developed by Hexpertech-IT Services offers a gamut of comprehensive services that handles and simplifies planning, monitoring and making necessary HR decisions. From managing new hirings to handling managing every function, the Hexpertech-IT Services HRMS software comes second to none.


  • Performance reviews
  • Documentation management
  • Employee Reporting
  • Employee training module management
  • Job applicants management
  • Compliance management
  • Centralized employee database
  • Automated time-off
  • Employee self-service


  • Manages employees personal information
  • Addresses necessary employee developments
  • Facilitates connections between the employees and the managers
  • Helps in managing the work-flow across the organization
  • Ensures swift tracking of grievances submitted by the employees
  • Helps employees input their own data into the system
  • Aiding in recruitment process irrespective of the size of the organization


  • Failure in initiating change in the HR processes
  • Difficulty in defining and validating support data quality
  • Dearth of requisite resources to plan the course of action across HR processes
  • Inability to administer data security
  • Inability to understand legal requirements & compliances
  • Difficulty in providing key information swiftly

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