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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a holistic, integrated system that aims at managing numerous accounting aspects of an organization in the form of aligning financial management, human resources, and supply chain management. Used for providing complete transparency, the ERP systems track all the business processes that include the likes of materials, financials and production, while acting as the single central hub for the wholesome workflow. Thanks to the ERP software, various departments across an organization can view and follow a systematic procedure, thereby allowing the efficiency to increase in multi-folds.

Used extensively across the globe by manufacturing and product-centric companies, the Hexpertech ERP system can provide a cohesive solution to the functionality from the beginning to the end. Along with offering exemplary benefits, the ERP system assists organizations during growth and expansion, while providing essential benefits by integrating relationship managers and professional service automation products.


  • Planning, scheduling and forecasting everything from sales to production
  • Manufacturing module that facilitates management of processes for different products
  • Complete quality management by monitoring purchasing and manufacturing plans
  • Monitor the quality and quantity of stocks with effective inventory and material management
  • Evaluate suppliers and quotes with purchase management
  • Schedule service checks with the maintenance module
  • Evaluate employee performance and promotions with human resource management
  • Review finances real-time with accounts and finance management
  • Take accurate stock information from the sales staff with the sales management module


  • Integrate various functions into a single system
  • Automate organizations’ daily activities and business transactions
  • Manage the company’s operations efficiently
  • Detailed reports on business-critical inventory management
  • Protect organization’s data with built-in regulations
  • Collaborates interdepartmental data for centralized operation
  • Streamline all business processes efficiently and increase organization’s growth
  • High customer satisfaction based on market share and vendor size


  • Inability to manage, plan and forecast vital financial and accounting transactions
  • Report requisite accounting transactions
  • Difficulty to track sales orders, inventory and costs
  • Manage confidential data of the organizations’ operations
  • Customizing the organization’s practices to re-engineer its positioning in the business environment
  • Restrictive usability without any customizable software

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