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Asset Management

Assets Management Software is very comprehensive, flexible and user-friendly Fixed Assets Management software to track, manage and comply enterprise Fixed Assets across group companies or each company’s locations/units, sub locations, branches, custodians or internal partitions. Depreciation accounting keeping in view the requirements of India Companies Act, Income Tax Act as well as Management Act along with maintaining AMC, Warranty, Insurance and Service of the assets. This software helps to track assets via Barcode, or Spine Asset interface across units, locations, branches, Cost centers, Custodians   or projects efficiently.




  • Friendly User Interface
  • Workflow & Query Request
  • Complete Asset Life-Cycle
  • Code Generation & Barcode Integration
  • Asset Split
  • Shift wise Depreciation
  • Physical Verification Audits
  • Powerful Report Writer Tool




  • Identify owned assets quickly and easily with visual inspection
  • Track serial or model numbers efficiently with barcode stickers
  • Save time and money in duplication of assets between department.
  • Increased security with regular tracking & monitoring
  • Reduction of theft with visual identification of assets with security labels
  • Monitor asset movement between locations
  • Compliance with insurance or government regulations

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